This report investigates the potential for information and communications technologies (ICTs) to help communities adapt to climate change in the water sector.

Efforts to conserve energy and reduce emissions of associated greenhouse gases often focus on improving the efficiency of current technologies.

The Economic Survey 2011–12 summarizes the performance on major development programmes & has a new chapter that reflects the growing challenges of sustainable development & climate change.

The first set of final data from census 2011 further establishes India’s story of contradictions: with 63.2 per cent households owning a telephone connection, up from a mere 9.1 per cent 10 years a

GUWAHATI, March 4 – The deplorable living conditions in as many as 16 villages on the city outskirts, which are bereft of even the basic amenities of health, education, power, water, communication,

A new report from the Broadband Commission, The Broadband Bridge: Linking ICT with Climate Action for a Low Carbon Economy, highlights ten recommendations to leverage the opportunities that information and communication technologies (ICTs) can provide to accelerate global progress towards a low-carbon economy.

Come September 1, 2012, India will have stricter regulations to check electromagnetic radiation emission from mobile phones, a step that would address health concerns and also streamline the handse

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Assam has been publishing this annual report “Economic Survey, Assam” regularly with a view to focus the trends of performance based development of the State economy.

This Economic Survey attempts to present in detail the current status of the overall state economy as well as its various sectors. This would include all the efforts made by the state government sectorwise and its achievements in respective sectors. It would simultaneously try to underline some of the constraints of growth of the state economy.

This report "Census of India 2011: Houses household amenities and assets" contains the Figures at a glance for National Capital Territory of Delhi. Provides the statistics data of both Rural and Urban Delhi.