This publication showcases eight projects that delivered exemplary and significant results in their implementation. These projects represent various sectors such as energy, urban development, transport, information and communications technology, irrigation, and disaster risk reduction.

China launched a communications satellite, "Zhongxing-11", at 0:06 am Thursday (Beijing time) from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Southwest China's Sichuan province.

The annual plan of the state for 2013-14 has been finalised at Rs 4,100 crore, which is Rs 400 crore more than the last year’s plan.

India plans a space fix to bring ties with Maldives back in the friendly orbit by offering to launch and operate the Island nation’s first communication satellite despite doubts over the commercial

This publication of the Central Statistics Office presents data on the status of six infrastructure sub sectors- Transport, Energy, Communication, Drinking Water and sanitation, Irrigation Storage of each state.

The Statistical Abstract of Punjab is published annually by the Economic & Statistical Organisation. It contains the latest available data on important socioeconomic indicators of the State’s economy. Every year, it is presented in the
Legislative Assembly along with other budget documents.

Economic Survey is one of the budget documents which indicates the important economic activities and achievements of the Government. The salient features of the State of the economy of Himachal Pradesh during 2012-13 are presented in Part-I, and statistical tables on various subjects are given in Part-II.

India has chalked out ambitious plans and policies to tackle climate change and environment issues. However given the scarcity of resources and competing demands, finding the matching resources is a challenge said this annual survey of developments in the Indian economy tabled in the Parliament.

India Infrastructure Report 2012 discusses challenges in the education sector – elementary, secondary, higher and vocational – and explores strategies for constructive change and opportunities for the private sector.

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