This article discusses the acute and chronic health effects of pesticide exposure among Filipino rice farmers. Data were collected from 50 farmers during 2002 and 2003 using a semi-structured questionnaire to elicit demographic information, various aspects of farming life, types and extent of pesticide use, exposure means, and self-reported acute and chronic illness experiences.

malaria treatment has so far been uniform globally. who guidelines on symptoms of severe malaria are based on symptoms found in children in Africa. They include anaemia, jaundice and hypoglycaemia

on january 7, 2006, the Kerala State Pollution Control Board (kspcb) permitted Hindustan Insecticides Limited (hil), a central government-owned enterprise manufacturing ddt and endosulfan, to resume

In a year of remixes, I the cola controversy I was a tune that stayed true to its original from three years ago. In August, the Delhi-based Centre for Science and

Who is now pushing for the use of pesticide ddt ( dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane ) in its malaria control programme , which the industrialised countries like the us banned 30 years back.

Malaria is transmitted by the genus Anopheles. India has 58 species, of which six are important: An culicifacies, An fluviatilis, An minimus, An sundaicus , An stephensi and An dirus. In the northeast, An minimus and An dirus are the major vectors

People here carry a cocktail of pesticides in their bodies

The Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) is at risk of extinction throughout its range as a result of incidental catches, habitat degradation, and pollution. Populations of Irrawaddy dolphins are constrained by the species

sonia's take: While the Centre plans to move the National Rural Employment Guarantee Bill in the current session of Parliament, Congress president Sonia Gandhi recently suggested four amendments to

Residue causes foetal loss