Studied were conducted to monitor the terminal pesticide residues in unpolished, polished and parboiled rice. Fifteen rice varieties were collected from Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Titabar of Assam Agricultural University during 2002. Each variety was tested in terms of unpolished, polished and parboiled form, for the presence of pesticide residues.

There is never any end to learning. And so, surprises. We have learnt, over 20 years, that environmental governance in India is lackadaisical. Still, the extent of irresponsibility never fails to surprise...

Incessant rains and the resultant stagnant water in canals and fields have spawned a malaria epidemic in the western part of the state

More new norms wanted

By regulation, the soft drink industry must use potable water. But what s that? Who ensures municipalities meet standards? What standards? Under which law?

Deadly pesticides found in 12 leading brands of soft drinks

The CSE’s recent exposé has blown the lid off the bottled water industry’s tall claims on the purity of its products. Simultaneously, it has brought to the surface a much larger problem: contamination of groundwater by pesticides

Last time I wrote about the cycle of poison, where one toxic substance is replaced with another, equally toxic, one. This cycle, I wrote, is exactly like the modern eco nomy where business is

After we released our study on pesticide residues on bottled water, an experienced science journalist called me to verify something I had said in the press conference. He wanted to know if it was

Packaged drinking water or natural mineral water is everywhere. It is now available in pouches, cups, bottles and bulky transparent jars. It is sipped in clubs, malls and fitness centres; glugged after a walk, jog or trek; sold on railway platforms and bu