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The draft action plan on climate change by Union Territory of Puducherry. It highlights various approaches and activities formulated for adopting six missions under NAPCC to mitigate the climate impacts.

Globally, many fish species are overexploited, and many stocks have collapsed. This crisis, along with increasing concerns over flow-on effects on ecosystems, has caused a reevaluation of traditional fisheries management practices, and a new ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) paradigm has emerged.

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In 2009, the European Commission estimated that 88% of monitored marine fish stocks were overfished, on the basis of data that go back 20 to 40 years and depending on the species investigated. However, commercial sea fishing goes back centuries, calling into question the validity of management conclusions drawn from recent data.

The publication "Statistical abstract of Gujarat state 2009" attempts to present latest available statistical data in the formats as recommended by the working group appointed by the Central Statistical Organisation, Government of India.

The intricate, intertwined forces driving global climate change are mirrored by similar complexity in the human response to it. That makes it nearly impossible to anticipate the stance of any one group based solely on a label such as nationality, race, or economic class.

One of the major underlying causes for increased biological invasion is the growth and development of world markets facilitated through globalization, and the booming intercontinental trade of live flora and fauna.

Every day hundreds of unlicensed fishing vessels enter African waters and trawl for shrimp, sardines, tuna, and mackerel. According to a study commissioned by the UK

The paper attempts to study the Indigenous Technical Knowledge of the fisher folk of fishing villages, Maruvakkad and Mallipuram belonging to Chellanam and Elankunnapuzha Panchayats, respectively of Palluruthy and Vypeen Block, Ernakulam.

Research that argues dams have no direct effect on the migration of juvenile salmon is roiling waters in the US Pacific Northwest. The study, published in PLoS Biology, uses a new way to tag fish to compare the heavily dammed Columbia River system
with the free-flowing Fraser River to the north in British Columbia, Canada.

The current study is on East Calcutta Wetland (ECW) which is a model for multi-use resource recovery system with activities like pisciculture and agriculture. The entire city's soluble waste is disposed into the raw sewage canals which finally drains into the shallow, flat bottom fish ponds called Bheri. These sewage fed fisheries act simultaneously for the purification process like removal of heavy metals, coliform reduction as well as fish production at a commercial scale.