Accidental poisoning is common in children. Potassium bromate is a commonly used additive and raising agent in many edibles particularly break, a staple food worldwide, yet its accidental poisoning has hitherto, not been documented in Nigeria.

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This user guide is intended to help manufacturers and other users identify, interpret and apply information relevant to flavourings and flavour enhancers contained in the new Code. The guide explains: how the new Code differs from previous regulations with regard to flavourings and flavour enhancers; and where and how flavourings and flavour enhancers are regulated in the new Code.

the Union ministry of health and family welfare has proposed to do away with the restrictions imposed on the use of monosodium glutamate (msg), commonly known as ajinomotto, in processed food.

Malachite green, a mineral banned for human consumption, is a carcinogen. It is used ex

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A survey on artificially-sweetened products found that some firms in the UK were ignoring legal requirements - that is to state, "with sweeteners" - on the packaging of the product. The survey

eating colourful food stuffs stacked on the shelves of road side eateries may pose risk for health, warn scientists. These colours can damage liver, kidney, heart, skin, eye, lungs and bones,

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An analytical procedure was developed to measure bromate residues in baked goods using a sequence of clean‐up procedures followed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with a post‐column reaction for oxidants. Deionized water was used to extract bromate from bread samples. The extract was treated with a C‐18 solid phase extraction column to remove lipids, a cation exchange column with the silver cation to remove chloride, and an ultrafiltration membrane to remove proteins.

In a recent order, the Supreme Court ofIndia directed the Union government to set up within two months a committee to decide on tri-monthly steps to either ban or restrict use of insecticides