The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, GOI, has declared 2008-09 as Food safety and Quality Year. Food safety implies absence or safe levels of various of kinds of contaminants. Sources of food contamination include harmful chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, colouring agents, additives, adulterants etc.

your natural sweetener may become healthier and a little cheaper. The Food Technology Department of the Lakshmi Narayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur, has devised a method to prepare a water-based extract of stevia, a small bushy herb that yields natural sweetener stevioside. The technology involves boiling the leaves in water and collection of extract from the steam. D K

These rules may be called the Prevention of Food Adulteration (5th
Amendment) Rules, 2008. They shall come into force on the expiry of a period of six months from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

An effort in southern India to raise coastal farmers out of poverty by paying them to cultivate red algae for a food additive has gone awry.

The uk food watchdog, the Food Standards Agency, has called for a voluntary ban on six artificial colours from food and drink by 2009 saying that the additives have possible side effects on

real flab: Researchers in the US have found that artificial sweeteners are more fattening than sugar as the consumption of the low-calorie substitutes makes it harder for people to control their

To lose weight, bin the diet cola. That's the message from studies showing rats got fatter on diets containing artificial sweeteners than on those with sugar.

Beware before you pick up chyawanprash from a drug store. The most popular brands of this ayurvedic tonic has artificial sweeteners, which have unconscionable side-effects. On January 11, 2008,

>> More than 100,000 tonnes of rotting garbage are lying on the roadsides of the southern Italian city of Naples, after garbage trucks stopped operating since the last week of December 2007 because

This manual is developed to provide fundamental information about Codex in a standardized, logical and systematic manner. It comprises eight sections. Each section consists of specific training modules with a provision for the inclusion of optional modules that may be combined and customized to meet the requirements.