Armed conflict and civil strife were major sources of food insecurity in the 1990s and will continue to be this century, although their number and the losses associated with them may have passed their peak.

The United Nations Children's Fund (unicef), in a drive against polio in Pakistan, will provide a high potency vitamin for children under five years. The aim of the programme is to eliminate

a report of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (fao) shows that 31 countries faced food emergencies during 1997 as against 25 countries in 1996. The report blames bad weather, poor crops and

The threat of low crop yields in North Korea may lead to outside food aid to avert widespread starvation. North Korean officials are concerned whether food aid will be linked with the ongoing

according to a study of the us department of agriculture( usda ), more than one fourth of the food produced in usa is either spoilt, unused or is uneaten on the plate. The study

A report recently released by the United Nations' Food and Agri

The World Food Programme (WFP) will supply 137,000 metric tonnes (t) of wheat and 3,140 t of

An imminent food crisis threatens to envelop thousands of Sri Lankans in the island's war-torn Jaffna peninsula in the north, as food supplies to the region have been suspeIJded. The suspension is

Beset by food shortages, North Korea recently took the unusual step of signing an accord with its arch enemy -- South Korea -- in Beijing to accept 150,000 tonnes (t) of free rice to avert the

asean health meet: Health ministers of 11 South East Asian countries met in Dhaka recently to discuss over ways to enhance cooperation to develop health care services in the region. Bangladeshi