The Somali region is located in the eastern part of Ethiopia. Its capital, Jijiga, is located 635 km from the capital Addis Ababa. Currently there are three refugee camps in this region, namely Kebribeyah, Awberie and Sheder, which together host about 28,500 individuals. To allow refugees to complement the basic food ration, UNHCR and its partners started a number of homegardening projects.

floods Kosi breach yet to be plugged The breach in the Kosi embankment that caused the devastating flood in Bihar may not be plugged before March 2009. The deadline for completion of the work was in November, but the state government extended it by four months. Though the government did not cite any specific reason for this, media reports link the delay to non-availability of

The United Nations' World Food Programme On October 30, provided a grant of US$ 117 million to Sri Lanka after the WFP Executive Board deliberated on the project proposal prepared by the former Country Director for Sri Lanka M. Salaheem and the Regional Director, Asia Division Anthony Banbury.

A new type of ready-to-use food is changing the way severe malnutrition is treated. But questions remain about how far to push its introduction--and science has a hard time providing the answer.

The current food crisis has several causes-rising demand for food and feed, biofuels, high oil prices, climate change, stagnant agricultural productivity growth-but there is increasing evidence that the crisis is being made worse by the malfunctioning of world grain markets. Given the thinness of major markets for cereals, the restrictions on grain exports imposed by dozens of countries have resulted in additional price increases. A number of countries have adopted retail price controls, creating perverse incentives for producers.

MORE than 14 million people in the East Africa region require urgent food aid owing to drought and spiralling cereal and fuel prices, aid agencies say.

environment Jaipur halts limestone mining The Rajasthan government has denotified the region in and around Jaisalmer for limestone mining. Though the reason behind denotification is not clear, the move comes days after the government rejected applications by leading cement companies for mining lease in the region. Companies such as Mangalam Cement, Sanghi Industries, Birla Cement

food crisis Biofuel

Valdez Victims Spurned: Almost 20 years of legal battle ended in frustration for victims of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill, as the US supreme court reduced an earlier damages award of $2.5 billion to $507 million. The new figure amounts to just $15,000 for each of the plaintiffs, a group of 33,000 commercial fishermen, cannery workers, native Alaskans and others affected by the disaster, called