Greenhouse gas emissions could raise global temperatures much more than previously forecast leading to drought and flooding as weather patterns shift and polar ice melts

Anybody can tell you they are essential for a decent way of life: safe drinking water and sanitation. Since the 1980s governments have made drinking water available to more and more people across the

A review of climate studies projects what s in store: colder winters, hotter summers, drought, storms and lots worse

The us government is in transition. But why should the rest of the world suffer?

The whole world is at risk of the mad cow disease, says WHO

To promote public understanding of science, it is essential not only to initiate openness and dialogue between the scientific community and the public, but also to focus on ways of empowering the latter

It is estimated that around 8,000 years ago, more than six billion hectares (around 40 per cent) of the

in a report entitled "North Sea Offshore Wind-A European Powerhouse', the German Wind Energy Institute has highlighted the wind power potential of five countries

It is sickening to see the Union home minister rejoice when dam oustees despair

The un hopes to take a lead in environmental management. Whether it lives up to the challenge or not, is still to be seen