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Telecommunications and the television (TV) broadcasting sectors have been most instrumental in ushering in what is called the ‘Information society’ / ‘global village’. Although the telecom sector in India is slowly coming on track, with regulators taking

Indian shrimp exports could possibly face anti-dumping duties in the us if the us Department of Commerce and the us International Trading Commission agree with a trade complaint filed by the

There is never any end to learning. And so, surprises. We have learnt, over 20 years, that environmental governance in India is lackadaisical. Still, the extent of irresponsibility never fails to surprise...

The climate regime needs to get out of the rut it is in

The Kyoto Protocol is part of the 21st century world order: save it

Carnivore conservation depends on the sociopolitical landscape as much as the biological landscape. Changing political attitudes and views of nature have shifted the goals of carnivore management from those based on fear and narrow economic interests to those based on a better understanding of ecosystem function and adaptive management.

On October 30, 2003, China and the European Union (eu) signed an agreement committing the former to a stake in the Galileo satellite navigation system. At a high-level ceremony in the Great Hall of