The detrimental effects of air pollution on health have been recognized for most of the last century. Effective legislation has led to a change in the nature of the air pollutants in outdoor air in developed countries, while combustion of raw fuels in the indoor environment remains a major health hazard in developing countries. The mechanisms of how these pollutants exert their effects are likely to be different, but there is emerging evidence that the toxic effects of new photochemical pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide are likely to be related to infection.

In sharp contrast to earlier estimates, a new study claims that nearly half the world s flora species face extinction

INFORMATION FEUDALISM . Peter Drahos with John Braithwaite . Earthscan Publications Limited . London . 2002 . Rs 920 In the last two decades, the intellectual property standards have changed

Should local communities pay for Western notions of global benefit ?

Petroleum fuels the engines of the global economy. So there is never enough of it. Oil politics dictates international relations

Energy policy has always been of vital importance in the US. That's why oil and gas executives have taken over the reigns of the government today

The landlocked Caspian Sea is a cauldron of geopolitics. Its essential ingredients: oil and natural gas

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Energy security will not come with more drilling. The faster we realise this, the better

Today, it is oil politics that dictates international relations and alliances. Several international conflicts in recent years have been sparked off by the need to control oil fields. With war clouds hovering over Iraq and the conference on climate change