Forest fires are a boon for poachers in Uttaranchal

They may survive the drought. But they cannot survive government policies. When people have to abandon their livestock, they are reduced to misery, as is happening in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Because India s rural economy is built around livestock, which ca

The idea of a desert in the middle of the Western Ghats sounds unbelievable, but it may be on the cards

When nothing seemed to stop the desertification of the Banni grasslands, a government institution stepped in and showed the people how they can regenerate their land

The stories of conquest and depredation of alang alang grass and gypsy moth show how serious

J K Tiwari and Asad R Rahmani profile a tree that is changing the face of Kutch

Misdirected conservation efforts take their toll on grasslands, and Desmodiums are a case in point. Desmodiums are legumes; they can fix nitrogen directly from the atmosphere into an organic form to

The moist tropical forests of the Western Ghats of India are pockmarked with savanna-grasslands created and managed by local agricultural communities. A sample of such savanna-grasslands with differing growing conditions was studied in terms of peak above-ground biomass, monthly growth and cumulative production under different clipping treatments.

WHEN Meghnaad, brother of King Ravana of Lanka, grievously injured Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama, Hanuman was sent to Gandhamardan Parvat to fetch the Mritasanjeevani Sudha, a life-saving herb.

DOWN TO EARTH has been consistently arguing that people"s self-management and control are the best ways to deal with the critical problems facing India, namely, declining productivity and the steady