Studies were conducted with eight tree species in natural grassland for 15 years (July 1988 to June 2003) under semi arid condition to select suitable tree species for introduction in natural grassland/sown pasture for higher production.

The Nordic countries have agreed on a common target to halt the decline in biodiversity by 2010. This report aims at evaluating the 2010-target by presenting indicators that can describe trends in biodiversity in the Nordic countries. The results comprise the most comprehensive documentation of land use in the Nordic countries to date.

Dense plants are taking over grasslands in many areas; researchers in the U.S. Southwest are studying how they tap into water supplies--and how to keep them in check.

This paper focuses on only one piece of this complex challenge: the ways in which conservation action has been informed, and should be informed, by the interaction between ecological scale and governance. The published literature does not provide much guidance

This paper provides an overview of mitigation practices for the agricultural sector, and identifies relevant policies and measures (PAMs). It addresses the relative mitigation potential of each mitigation practice presented, as well as methodological and technical challenges, and possible barriers for their implementation.

The Union government of India has drafted the Compensatory Afforestation Bill, 2008 to establish a compensatory afforestation fund. Revenues collected from agencies that divert forests (even protected ones) for non-forest use will be pooled into this corpus. Net present value (NPV) has been adopted as an economic tool to calculate the compensatory fiscal value of diverted forests.

The efficacy of spider as indicator of habitat conditions in Tarai Conservation Area was examined. To compare habitat specific spider communities, five vegetation types were sampled from March 2005 to August 2006 by using pitfall traps and other semi-quantitative collection methods along transects.

Overgrazing accelerates soil and vegetation degradation in rangelands. So, Livestock Population Density-i.e. allocated number of sheep per ha can serve as an index for measuring pressure on range environment. For this purpose, Sadra region has been selected as the study area, where it is located in the upper reaches of Maharlu basin, Fars Province, Southern Iran.

Climate change is a serious environmental challenge that could undermine the drive for sustainable development. Since the industrial revolution, the mean surface temperature of earth has increased an average of 1degree celsius per century due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Climate shifts over this century are widely expected to alter the structure and functioning of temperate plant communities. However, long-term climate experiments in natural vegetation are rare and largely confined to systems with the capacity for rapid compositional change. In unproductive, grazed grassland at Buxton in