This latest IUCN paper presents a vision for drylands that makes their sustainable development a global responsibility. Focuses on maximizing the opportunities that exist for sustainable dryland development and empowerment of local people at national and international levels.

Authorities in China aim to halt the spread of the desert in Tibet by next year, hoping to stem the effects of years of mining, tree-felling and overgrazing, state media said on Thursday
Desertification is spreading by 98,000 acres annually in Tibet, an official at the regional forestry bureau was quoted as saying by the Xinhua news agency

Large cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases are needed if we are to avoid the worst effects of global climate change. This rapid assessment report describes the vital contributions which ecosystems can and must make to improve these efforts.

This latest World Bank document stresses on the inclusion of ecosystem-based approaches to national and regional adaptation strategies. It points out that access to funds will help communities to address climate change at all levels.

AHMEDABAD: The prosopis juliflora better known as gando baval, which is claimed to have destroyed the Banni grassland in Kutch has been marked an invasive alien species on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day on Friday.

In a new book, experts have explained why grassland should be a permanent component of our ecosystem for ensuring the future of sustainable agriculture.

The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed rules to limit emissions of climate-changing gases from the manufacture of ethanol, a step that would probably curtail the expansion of corn ethanol production.

Human activities have increased the availability of nutrients in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. In grasslands, this eutrophication causes loss of plant species diversity, but the mechanism of this loss has been difficult to determine.

Grasslands occupy about half of the emerged ice free world, make up approximately 70 percent of the world

In the food web, herbivores are established to play an important role in maintaining the ecological health of an ecosystem by consuming a sizeable quantity of available vegetation. With the evolution of biodiversity conservation theory, grazing and browsing of herbivores has been generally treated as an unsustainable practice for long-term conservation of wild flora.