Village Chipri in Kolhapur, Maharashtra is fighting: diseases, a factory and lax authorities

A multi billion dollar transnational corporation has had to blink first in an eyeball to eyeball dispute with an obscure panchayat of Kerala. On November 17, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Private Limited HCBPL the Goliath of the piece was compelled

Perumatty panchayat s case is statutorily sound

On the one hand: potholed roads, poor sewage systems, numerous small scale industries, nightmarish working conditions. On the other: clueless civic authorities. India s lock and key town faces a grave paradox

The problem of natural contamination of groundwater with highly toxic poisons like arsenic and fluoride is here to stay. The million dollar question is: Is there a way out for this global problem?

The Jaipur bench of the Rajasthan High Court has ordered the relocation of Sanganer’s polluting dyeing and printing units within a year. Failure to comply with the directive would result in their closure

At a time when the threat of war looms large over Iraq, here s more ammunition for peaceniks to confront warmongers with. The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP recently released the findings of assessments conducted in the violence wracked Occup

Ethanol, a safer alternative to MTBE, will now be mixed with petrol to curb emissions. Lopamudra Banerjee analyses the impact of this environment friendly decision

methyl tertiary butyl ether (mtbe) has been found in the Midwest region of the us even though it is not used there, shows a recent research. mtbe, which is a gasoline additive, is

It was like the loss of innocence, one of the first incidents to open humankind's eye to what industrial pollution can do. One of the earliest tragedies caused by chemical pollution was the