Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zonal Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Dr. Subhash C. Pandey Vs. Union of India & Others dated 19/08/2016 regarding standards for treated water from sewage and use of this water for irrigation. NGT directs MoEF to respond to the issue of upgradation of STPs on account of the domestic sewage been contaminated by hazardous / chemical substances.

In this communication, accumulated soot from typical Indian share autos and buses has been characterized using FE-SEM coupled with EDS and FTIR spectroscopy for its toxicity level. Analysis reveals the size of spherical-shaped primary particles to be less than 40 nm, which agglomerate to form fractal-like structures. In share autos, average weight percentage of heavy metals such as Cr, Fe, Cu and Pt (except Zn) is higher than that in buses; trace elements include noncarbon elements.

The social costs stemming from dangerous levels of lead in the drinking water of Flint, Michigan, such as the effect on children's health, amount to $395 million, according to an analysis by a prof

The water quality of rivers is an issue of serious concern today. Rivers are heavily impacted due to their use for carrying off the industrial, municipal, agricultural and domestic effluents.

KARACHI: Metallic pollution seems to have risen over the years as the highest concentrations of heavy metals in green mussels were observed in 2012, according to a study.

Melbourne, Aug 2 (IANS) Australian scientists have discovered a toxic form of mercury in Antarctic's atmosphere and sea ice.

Limited epidemiologic data exist on prenatal arsenic exposure and fetal growth, particularly in the context of co-exposure to other toxic metals. Researchers examined whether prenatal arsenic exposure predicts birth outcomes among a rural U.S. population, while adjusting for exposure to lead and manganese.

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A recent study by the Delhi University has revealed the presence of harmful chemicals and heavy metals in the city’s groundwater resources.

Worldwide extraction of materials triples in four decades, intensifying climate change and air pollution.

SONBHADRA: At the Rohiniya Damar village in Uttar Pradesh, 100 kilometres from Sonbhadra district's main Robertsganj town, excessive flouride in the ground water has spared no one.