Water hyacinth growing in the lakes absorbs the nutrients (phosphorous, nitrogen) being released to the lake water from untreated sewage discharged in the lake, for their growth and reduces the nutrient concentration in the lake water. After a period of time these plants sink to the bottom of lakebed and decay affecting water quality.

This article analyzes the effects of the invasion of water hyacinth on fishing in Lake Victoria. The authors built two fairly standard Schaefer-type models that have one innovation: They allow the water hyacinth abundance to affect catchability.

Compost, organic fertiliser, is being made in all the unions of Gobindaganj Upazila of the district from water hyacinth under 100-day unemployment programme of the government.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Abdul Mannan formally inaugurated the scheme at Masta village under Kamardaha union in the upazila on Monday.

The Chennai Corporation has bought six catamarans to be used to clear weeds and garbage floating on the city's waterways. The new equipment would be used to remove the floating masses and spray larvicide to control mosquito breeding, Mayor M. Subramanian said on Friday. The catamarans were deployed on a stretch of the Adyar river along the Madras Boat Club.

World's fastest growing acquatic weed, Water Hyacinth has returned back in the River Sal along the water course between Khareband and Benaulim. Known to multiply within days, weed has spread across the river, especially along the water course from Mungul to Benaulim. A look at the river course from the Khareband bridge would make any stranger to believe that the river has run dry and instead replaced by a green agricultural cover. The last time the weed was removed from the river was around half a decade ago during the de-silting of the river.

Ansupa Lake, one of the two freshwater lakes found in Orissa, is vanishing slowly. Another freshwater lake, i.e. named Saro, in Puri District, has already been wiped out from the wetland maps of Orissa due to anthropogenic pressure. (Correspondence)

The paper discusses some low cost and energy saving technologies for water and wastewater treatment.

The Ramsar Convention of IUCN held in 1971 in Iran raised global

Beyond the tigers of Sunderbans: A closer look at the leeches and the beautiful blue devil

Insects introduced to curb the spread of water hyacinths are avoiding feeding on those weeds that have been contaminated by toxic metals