CSE rates the caustic chlorine industry, which turns common salt into lethal chemicals and leaves a deadly mercury trail...
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The mystery of large scale fish fatalities in the Yamuna near Agra and the conflicting official theories
A report by Prabhanjan Verma

Jharkhand Pollution Control Board chief in eligibility row

Lakes were critical for Indian cities. They prevented floods and recharged groundwater. Today, these holes in the ground are either lucrative real estate for builders, the last resort for slum dwellers, or garbage dumps. In the past decade, concerned citi

Trading in water pollution proposed

The US ships out highly toxic electronic waste to Asian countries

With urban and industrial development accelerating at a fast pace, waste disposal is becoming a major problem. Inordinate focus on household waste has often disguised the much larger volume generated

In a crucial judgement, the California Supreme Court ruled that people harmed by drinking contaminated water can legally sue their supplier for failing to deliver. The ruling came in a case involving

The Sukruli cauldron threatens to boil over if the Orissa government does not act against the smoke spewing sponge iron plant in the area.

The Yangtze River of China is becoming increasingly polluted, according to a report of the Yangtze River Water Resources Authority. In 2001, sewage and industrial waste dumping increased by 11 per