The Andhra Pradesh government is all set to purify Musi river, which has been given top priority under the National River Conservation plan, by dumping effluents

Riverine fisherfolk, arguably the oldest among traders, are being sold down the river. An unholy synergy of poisoned rivers, government apathy and commercial interests has scripted the epitaph of the original stewards of the river. Ironically, their

Proposed norms on effluent discharge into Narmada tributary questioned

greens are seeing red at the proposed plan of Israel to dump treated factory wastewater into the Mediterranean Sea. For many years now, industrial effluents have been finding their way into the

protests against waste incineration

the recently-released comptroller and auditor general (cag) 2000 report has revealed that river pollution is on the rise as sewage finds its way into river bodies and pollution parameters are

Toxic waste dumped in the southern state of Johor has sparked off environmental and health fears. The waste was reportedly brought in from Singapore by illegal dumping syndicates. Samples of the

Industrial waste released into a lake in Dhaka

at least 500,000 people were affected by waterborne diseases during 1995-2000 in the union territory of Pondi

Made to order plants that eat pollutants