Since the introduction of chemotherapy for treating tuberculosis, political commitment and stable, sufficient funding have been the primary predictors of success for tuberculosis-control programs, and their absence has resulted in tuberculosis epidemics. Over the past decade, the federal funding for tuberculosis-control programs in the United States has decreased by more than 15%, even without adjusting for inflation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The fate of two fracking lawsuits before New York's highest court hinges on legislation passed in 1981, an era of advances in gas-exploration technology that has parallels to today.

The trustees of Union Theological Seminary, a historic cradle of liberal Protestantism in New York City, voted unanimously on Tuesday to divest the school’s $108.4 million endowment from fossil fue

The announcement of the winning flood defence projects for metropolitan New York and New Jersey marks a new and powerful role for design competitions in the US.


California, New York and six other states aiming to get more than three million zero-emission vehicles on the road in the next decade, unveiled steps to help achieve that goal including harmonizing

The U.S. Interior Department is seeking interest from companies that want to build offshore wind farms about 13 miles (20 kilometers) south of Long Beach, New York.

Reducing air pollution in New York City would result in substantial gains in the lifetime earnings of the future generation by as much as $215 million as a result of increasing their IQs, according

More than half the U.S. population lives in coastal areas that are “increasingly vulnerable” to the effects of climate change, which will ripple throughout the U.S.

Report finds 148m living in areas where smog and soot particles are health risk with climate change likely to worsen conditions