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Independent India inherited a structure of landholdings characterised by heavy concentration of cultivable areas in the hands of relatively large absentee landowners, the excessive fragmentation of small landholdings, growing number of landless agricultural workers, and the lack of any generalised system of documentary evidence of landownership or tenancy.


Move to help Indian cos challenge patent holders & sell low-cost version of high-priced drugs

The government will make public details of every medicine patented in the country to bring transparency

Several assets of Unani medicine are available in different languages, includ-
ing Urdu, Persian and Arabic. These literary assets are easily accessible and

Several global drugmakers, including Pfizer, Roche and Bayer, have not met full mandatory disclosures of their patented medicines in India, making them vulnerable to penalties and potentially allowing local firms to make and sell low-cost version of their drugs, local patent lawyers said.

To ensure that the patents granted in India are being utilised for the benefit of patients, companies must

Read this special report by Down To Earth on the iconic Paan losing its appeal. Its trade has dipped 40-50 per cent in the past decade, while consumption of chewing tobacco, especially gutkha, increased during the period. Farmers now prefer other crops.

At the end of November, Pfizer stands to lose a $10-billion-a-year revenue stream when the patent on its blockbuster cholesterol drug Lipitor expires and cheaper generics begin to cut into the company

The information in patent documents and applications can play an important role in improving access to

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