Poland's plans to increase logging in the Bialowieza Forest could breach European Union law because it would some of its destroy natural habitats, campaigners lobbying the European Commission for a

Poland’s thriving wind energy industry has warned that it faces bankruptcies, rapid divestment and an end to growth under a bill that threatens executives with prison.

A new report has concluded that even the most efficient coal plants are incompatible with global climate change goals.

Greenpeace accuses government of ignoring scientists over fate of Białowieża woodland, home to 20,000 animal species and Europe’s tallest trees

A draft Polish law that would impose a raft of exacting demands on windfarm developers is nothing less than a bid to sabotage the country’s renewable energy prospects, according to Europe’s wind in

The external radiation exposure levels of high school students in Fukushima Prefecture are within the same range of those living in France, Poland and Belarus, a scientist and a high school student

Poland's bid to block global efforts to slow climate change is likely to struggle to gain traction as it risks alienating European partners and as top emitters China and the United States dominate

Poland's president has vetoed an amendment to the Kyoto protocol on CO2 emissions that extends the deadline for compliance because he believes the country needs more time to analyze its impact on t

Britons may not have had much to smile about weather-wise recently – having endured the coldest summer for three years – but things are set to change with a week of sunshine and warm temperatures b

Summer 2015 officially ended across the northern hemisphere on Monday with hot conditions again gripping central parts of Europe.