Climate change is predicted to impact India's natural resource base, including water resources, forestry and agriculture, through changes in precipitation, temperatures, monsoon timings, and extreme events.

only Bihar experienced floods this year. Other places suffered water logging. The statement on the recent deluge in large parts of the country might have been dismissed as ludicrous verbiage, had

Global warming has been a debatable subject of recent years, of which Dehra Dun is not an exception. This year, 2007, has experienced the hottest 26th January in last 77 years.

a ring can reveal a lot. Research suggests growth rings in teak tree trunks can reveal climatic changes over the years. The width of the rings are in direct proportion to the rainfall. A study of

central aid has finally been approved to revamp Mumbai's stormwater drainage system by 2011. But experts are sceptical whether the project is still relevant. The Brihanmumbai Storm Water Drains

rains caused widespread destruction in Rajasthan's Jodhpur, Pali and Banswara districts, claiming more than 20 lives in the first week of July. Last year too the showers wreaked havoc in the

There was a time when it was said that the Indian budget was a gamble on the monsoons.

The two most important hydrological extremes are floods and droughts. These events pose serious hazards to human populations in many parts of the world. These water related disasters are caused because of large diversity in climate and topography of the country. Climate change in future is expected to have severe implications on river flows in South Asia including India. Global climate change is likely to result in severe droughts and floods in India, with major impacts on human health and food supplies.

Water is important for economic development, and many parts of India already face issues of water scarcity. This study predicts that intensity of rainfall will increase under climate change. Issues such as water scarcity may also become more prevalent. The marked rise in precipitation intensity and variability in

Ii the American Southwest heading for a megadrought? A projection based on climate models suggests this could be the outcome as global warming alters the Pacific weather patterns that normally bring rain to the region. Now tree rings are revealing just how dry things could get.