David Sands, professor at the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, Montana State University, usa, hypothesized that there is a link between rainfall and bacteria in 1982. He didn't

Olympics - Beijing Seeds Clouds To Protect Opening Ceremony CHINA: April 11, 2008 BEIJING - More than 100 people and three aircraft will be on standby at the Beijing Olympics to manipulate the weather if storms threaten the opening ceremony. Staff at 21 locations around the capital will fire rockets to seed storm clouds if there is a danger that rain would disrupt the Aug. 8 ceremony, officials said on Thursday.

Darkness fell prematurely over the Capital on Friday afternoon as gloomy clouds lashed the city with a heavy downpour, taking unprepared commuters by surprise and sending the mercury down even before it had begun its seasonal rise. Drowning the sun in layers of grey and black, the sudden pall of murkiness warranted use of headlights by vehicles all over the city as early as 4 p.m. while the steady torrent of rain caught most commuters off guard. Cars and two-wheelers at most places were forced to crawl while pedestrians scurried about looking for cover. Power load falls

With rains all around in the middle of a graduating summer, doctors fear the rise of a host of diseases, especially those associated with mosquito breeding.Doctors in the Capital apprehend more dengue and malaria cases this year due to high breeding of mosquitoes. Cases of common cold, fever, headache, body ache and rashes are already on a high.

The unseasonal rains with dust storm in Rajasthan in the last three consecutive days have damaged the harvested crops. In the last 24 hours, 12 mm rainfall was recorded in Sikar district, followed by 4.6 in Jodhpur and 4.2 in Barmer district respectively, according to the Met department. The considerable drop in maximum temperature in entire the state have brought back chill in the air. The mercury is expected to remain low in the coming days even during daytime, met office department said.

This paper considers the needed adaptation and mitigation agenda for cities in India

Statistical and probability analysis of rainfall occurrences of Nayagarh block of Orissa was carried out for planning and designing of water conservation and recharge structures.

Sub-seasonal rainfall fluctuations, characterized as active and weak spells during the Indian monsoon season (June to September) is an important component of the variability of the Indian monsoon rainfall.

To improve the understanding of consequences of climate change for annual plant communities, the author used a detailed, grid-based model that simulates the effect of daily rainfall variability on individual plants in five climatic regions on a gradient from 100 to 800 mm mean annual precipitation (MAP). The model explicitly considers moisture storage in the soil. The researcher manipulated daily rainfall variability by changing the daily mean rain (DMR, rain volume on rainy days averaged across years for each day of the year) by

Investments aimed at improving agricultural adaptation to climate change inevitably favor some crops and regions over others. An analysis of climate risks for crops in 12 food-insecure regions was conducted to identify adaptation priorities, based on statistical crop models and climate projections for 2030 from 20 general circulation models.