The 2014 Human Development Report—Sustaining Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience—looks at two concepts which are both interconnected and immensely important. This year's Report show that overall global trends are positive and that progress is continuing.

The Fragile States Index is an annual ranking of 178 nations based on their levels of stability and the pressures they face.

Decades of civil conflict compound the challenges of food insecurity in South Sudan and contribute to persistent, high levels of child malnutrition. As efforts to prevent child malnutrition continue, there is a critical need for strategies that effectively supplement the diets of pregnant women and young children in transitional, highly food insecure settings like South Sudan.

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Joshua Mendelsohn and colleagues discuss the moral, legal, and public health principles and recent evidence that strongly suggest that refugees and internally displaced people should have equal access to HIV treatment and support as host nationals and give detailed recommendations for refugees and internally displaced people accessing antiretroviral therapy in stable settings.

The World Food Programme will help to feed nearly 6.5 million Ethiopians this year, the U.N. agency said on Tuesday, with the country hit by locusts, neighboring war and sparse rainfall.

Congress legislator Ravinder Sharma opposed the acquisition of land belonging to 1965 and 1971 refugees for the third phase of the Industrial Growth Centre (IGC), Samba. The House Committee of the Legislative Council today reviewed the status of acquisition of land of the IGC, Samba.

Sources said while reviewing the cases of land acquired by the authorities for the third phase of the IGC, Samba, it emerged that the land belonging to the refugees was also acquired by the authorities.

Extensive research on development-induced displacement within the institutional framework of the World Bank began in earnest in the mid seventies. However, as early as the end of the fifties, sociologists were aiding Egyptian authorities in planning the resettlement of Nubian communities during the construction of Aswan High Dam.

New York: While people living north of New York’s Times Square were largely spared from the rising waters and power outages that slammed Lower Manhattan on Monday, they are now dealing with a diffe

Surveying women and children from refugee camps in Algeria, Carlos Grijalva-Eternod and colleagues find high rates of obesity among women as well as many undernourished children, and that almost a quarter of households are affected by both undernutrition and obesity.

The Gaza strip faces a water crisis that will soon make it "unliveable" unless plans for a $500m desalination plant are approved by banks, delegates at a water conference in Stockholm were told thi