The agreement misses Japan’s National Diet session

USAID has published a new analysis of the post-2020 climate action plans of selected developing countries, which gives climate change practitioners insights into the status of each country’s national climate strategy and can help them make strategic decisions about future activities related to the Paris Agreement.

High levels of investments are required to unleash the potential of agriculture for sustainable development and poverty reduction in developing countries, but low public budgetary allocations to the sector have slowed growth.

The Paris Agreement is a hugely significant step towards reaching a zero-carbon and resilient world. But challenges remain if we are to limit temperature rise and increase capacity to adapt to climate impacts.

Expressing concern over lack of adequate financial and technology support to fight climate change, BASIC countries including India today asked developed nations to "scale up" their level of financi

The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) submitted by various nations and the subsequent Paris Agreement on climate change announced in December 2015 has decisively put the nations on a path to stringent mitigation of greenhouse gases.

Developed countries will provide financial support to developing nations for technology development and transfer to reduce carbon emissions under the new agreement reached at the Paris Climate Chan

This paper synthesizes knowledge within CGIAR and its partners on agricultural practices and technologies to enhance food security, resilience and productivity in a sustainable manner. A number of agricultural practices and technologies which contribute to these objectives were identified and assessed to generate four key lessons.

This working paper synthesizes knowledge within CGIAR on adaptation measures in agricultural systems, for the benefit of parties and observers preparing submissions to the UNFCCC SBSTA.

PARIS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday welcomed the climate change agreement as the victory of "climate justice" and said there were no winners or losers even as environment minister Prakash