Commodity futures markets plays an important role in price discovery, the information on which helps the producers to plan their activities on production, processing, storage and marketing of commodities. This study attempts to assess the futures and spot price linkages for pepper, guar seed and chana by using the Johansen Cointegration analysis and Vector Error Correction Model.

Around the world, provision of microfinance is becoming a mainstay development intervention for poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor. Microfinance involves the provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of very small amount for enabling the poor to raise their income levels and improving living standards.

This study aims to estimate the investment and return structure in rearing these goats and production of pashmina so that concrete policies regarding its development could be formulated.

The overall objective of the paper is to assess the post-harvest losses in major fruits both in physical and economic terms at different stages of handling and to develop strategies to reduce these losses.

In sustaining rural livelihood, sustainability of credit provisioning operation is highly essential. It assumes more significance in the case of developing nations with low per capita income and high level of poverty. It is also important to note that in many of the developing nations the financial viability of rural lending institutions is not satisfactory.

Intensive agriculture and excessive use of external inputs lead to degradation of soil, water and genetic resources. Widespread soil erosion, nutrient mining, depleting water table and eroding biodiversity are the global concern which are threatening the food security and livelihood opportunities of the farmers, especially the poor and underprivileged.

The concept of food security has evolved during the last three decades to include not only food availability, but also economic access to food and the biological absorption of food in the body. The author discusses in this paper the challenge of achieving sustainable advances in farm productivity, leading to an "ever-green revolution" in the fields of farm families with small holdings.

Agriculture growth and instability have remained the subject of intense debate in the agricultural economics literature in India. While the need for increasing agricultural production or growth are obvious, the increase in instability in agricultural production is considered adverse for several reasons.

The famous work of Hardin on 'The Tragedy of the Commons' explains why the Common Pool Resources (CPR) or Open Access Resources are over-exploited, degraded or depleted.

This study focuses on examining the relationship between water quality degradation and income at a global level using cross-country panel data sets. Water resource degradation is influenced by changes in the economic processes through scale, compositional and technology effects.