In a typical February, much of the United States is in the grip of cold winter weather - not this year.

Study claims 50 percent chance of major chill before end of the century.

Baidoa, Somalia - Four-year-old Safia Adan lies in Baidoa Regional Hospital in southern Somalia with a tube through her nose. She is suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Ouarzazate, Morocco - The southern sun bakes down upon Morocco's 580-megawatt solar plant, in line to be the largest in the world upon its completion in 2018.

Water shortages are affecting more than 300,000 people in La Paz. [Aizar RALDES/AFP]

In the south, a red alert has been in place for the city of Cordoba over the past five days.

Thousands of people in southern Guatemala are suffering from a prolonged drought after years of below-average rainfall.

Parts of Brazil have gone from a state of drought to intense flooding after torrential downpours hit southeastern areas of the country.

— For the last 20 years, Fredrick Damien has watched as his coffee trees have produced fewer and fewer beans.

Pakistan's forests are shrinking rapidly because of illegal logging.