Western land managers are ramping up the use of a controversial practice to curtail devastating wildfires: removing smaller trees in fire-prone areas to save the entire forest from going up in flam

Next week, President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will add to earlier pledges to cut greenhouse-gas emissions with specific guidance on what the two countries will do at home to ke

SEOUL—North Korea said it was in the final phase of developing a new satellite, fueling speculation it would launch a long-range rocket as early as a major political anniversary in October.

From rooftop solar panels to vast fields of groaning wind turbines, renewable energy is growing in Africa.

For squeaky-clean Singapore, even the local dump is an eco-park with lush green walking trails and migratory birds.

That is because Singapore buries only a fraction of its trash.

Less than a third of governments seeking a global climate agreement have submitted plans for reducing emissions, raising concerns over developing countries’ commitment to a deal months before talks

OSLO—Norway’s sovereign-wealth fund, the world’s biggest, said Monday that it would exclude four companies from its investment portfolio on concerns that the companies could create severe environme

CANBERRA, Australia—Australia’s conservative government plans to amend environmental laws to prevent green groups from challenging mining projects in which they have no direct involvement.

Investors in soft commodities are used to being slaves to the weather’s twists and turns.

SHAHE, China—A “war against pollution” declared by China’s leaders is getting a boost from the slowing economy as the government forces bloated industries like steel, cement and glassmaking to slim