Advances in energy storage technology could pull down prices of solar and wind power to levels close to those of coal-fired power within the next five to seven years, energy analysts just back from

With every breath, city residents are inhaling miniscule particles of dust, smoke, soot, pollen and soil, also known as suspended particulate matter.

The Union cabinet today approved India's intention to ratify the Paris agreement on October 2, pushing the document closer to coming into force and ensuring India's contribution to the rulebook on

- Cloud over signature projects

India is likely to join forces with China to lobby for changes - and even partially block - in a UN-brokered global deal to freeze carbon emissions by the aviation industry at 2020 levels.

The eastern bench of the National Green Tribunal on Thursday directed the state pollution control board to "continuously measure PM 2.5", the tiniest and most potent air pollutant, in Calcutta and

More people died in Bengal from acute respiratory infection than in any other state every single year from 2009 to 2014, according to a Union government report.

Delhi is the country's pollution capital but Calcuttans are breathing in more toxic air because of higher exposure, a study has shown.

India's monsoon is in no danger of catastrophic collapse in response to global warming and air pollution, two atmospheric scientists said today, refuting earlier predictions that the monsoon could

Poll-wary govt fears effect on 3 lakh kiln workers