The Compendium of Environment Statistics 2010 prepared under the broad Framework for Development of Environment Statistics provided by the United Nations Statistics Division and adopted by the Steering Committee on Environment Statistics set up by CSO during 1996. The five parameters of the framework, namely, biodiversity, atmosphere, land/soil, water, and human settlements have been used in this compendium.

The basic purpose of this manual is to provide the users of data/information on Agricultural Prices and Marketing with a ready?to?use reference guide on methodological aspects of Agricultural Prices and Marketing that facilitate international comparison and help in aggregation of statistics needed to derive meaningful conclusions.

The 16th Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO) held in December, 2008 felt that India

This report assesses the progress made by India towards achieving the MDGs until 2009. India

This report follows all three approaches as mentioned: three pillar approach, ecological approach and capital theoretic approach. The three pillar approach presents status of West Bengal vis- a-vis all India regarding sustainability indicators. The report presents the methodology followed for preparation of water account.