This compendium published by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation is the thirteenth edition in the series and covers five core parameters - biodiversity, atmosphere, land and soil, water and human settlements.

The statistical year book being published by the Central Statistics Office for past several years is one of the vital instruments designed to meet the ever growing diversified range information requirement.

During 2001- 2011, the share of children to total population has declined and the decline was sharper for female children than male children in the age group 0-6 years according to this new report that presents a consolidated and updated statistics on status of children in India.

This new annual publication by Central Statistics Office contains the latest data available in respect of different energy sources, with different agencies/organizations and a brief analysis of the data on reserves, installed capacity, potential for generation, production, consumption, import, export and wholesale price of different energy commodities as available from the concerned ministries.

The present issue of the Statistical Year Book India 2012 is 45th edition of the publication in the series. The present volume of the publication contains comprehensive data on economic and social sectors, spread in 44 chapters covering more than 350 tables. The data includes the latest state-wise indicators.

This Compendium of Environment Statistics 2011 published by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation is the twelfth edition of its series and covers five core parameters - biodiversity, atmosphere, land/soil, water and human settlements.

India is at the door step of the Twelfth five-year plan starting from April 2012, which will see the country through the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

This special edition is a supplement to the last report, which was brought out for the year 2009 in the form of a mid-term statistical appraisal of the country situation towards attaining the MDG targets.

The 2011 report continues the tradition of collection of socio-economic statistics from decadal population censuses, annual national sample surveys, adhoc-surveys and administration statistics. This report depicts the socio-economic development of the country through the statistical indicators.

This manual on Animal Husbandry Statistics is one of series of manuals on statistical indicators proposed to be brought out by the CSO.