This paper is part of a series of briefing papers that is designed to provide an up-to-date account and analysis of India’s efforts to address climate change.

This report draws a pathway for existing and upcoming thermal power plants in India which will help facilitate an efficient use of fossil fuel resources and mitigate environmental impact.

The handbook underscores the relevance of Universal Service Obligation for electricity in rural India. It articulates clearly the regulatory framework and legal recourse for electricity service obligation in the country.

This study by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation explores sustainable low-carbon growth paths and delineates findings and interpretations for two low-carbon growth scenario - moderate and aggressive, compared with a business-as-usual (BAU) scenario.

Excerpts from the detailed report that highlight an approach to effective integration, operation and management of the Indian Grid with increased variable RE penetration. This report bases its principal conclusions on the analysis of experiences in Tamil Nadu (one of the Southern states of India) and in the Southern Grid in India.

This study examines the contribution of renewable energy towards meeting the country’s energy security while eliminating power shortages and meeting the economic growth aspirations over the next twenty years i.e. till 2031.