This report presents the latest thinking and new approaches to emerging and persistent challenges to achieve food security in the 21st century.

A new exploratory report, Land acquisitions: How will they impact transboundary waters? investigates how the current surge in land acquisitions and investments by foreign countries, sovereign wealth funds, private corporations and domestic investors will affect transboundary water management. an area where current knowledge is sparse.

Access to water and sanitation as human rights has gained growing attention over the last few years at a global level, increasingly engaging the water sector and the international community in discussions regarding its content and implications.

This report focuses on water, an increasingly strategic resource in the Central Asian region for economic and social development. Says that the region as a whole is relatively well endowed in water resources but lacks good national and regional management frameworks. There are significant

This study reviews the current status of medium to larger scale artificial water storage development with a focus on Africa. It assesses best practices in water storage development and management infrastructure for building sustainable livelihoods and mitigate climate change.

This report by SIWI shows why water is critical for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Addresses interrelation of water and climate change in the context of livelihoods, land, ecosystems, transboundary management, energy & gender.

This document presents the event of

The policy assessment findings that emerge from the report intends to deliver a strategic summary of the current policy frameworks on water resources and climate change among major donor organizations (DANIDA, DFID, DGIS, GTZ, SDS, and USAID) and indicate areas that could be strengthened and/or gaps to fill in these two policy areas.

This report focuses on transboundary water resources management and challenges the international water community to grapple with some of the latest conceptual thinking and most recent lessons learned from around the world. Presents realworld experience of cooperation at the international & community levels and innovative approaches to overcome political obstacles to cooperation.

The World Water Week in Stockholm is the leading annual global meeting place for capacity-building, partnership-building and follow-up on the implementation of international processes in water and development. Future-oriented, interdisciplinary and