As Nigeria celebrates news that polio is no longer an endemic in the West African country, Pakistan and its war-battered neighbour Afghanistan remain the only two countries where the disease is pre

An strong earthquake jolted Islamabad along with north-western parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa early on Thursday morning, Express News reported.

In 2000, world leaders agreed on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). MDG 4 called for a two-thirds reduction in the under-5 mortality rate between 1990 and 2015. We aimed to estimate levels and trends in under-5 mortality for 195 countries from 1990 to 2015 to assess MDG 4 achievement and then intended to project how various post-2015 targets and observed rates of change will affect the burden of under-5 deaths from 2016 to 2030.

A moderate earthquake in Afghanistan was felt across South Asia on Monday, shaking the ground in Kabul, Islamabad and New Delhi, witnesses said.

दिल्ली-एनसीआर समेत पूरे उत्तर भारत में एक बार फिर से भूकंप के झटके महसूस किए गए। यूएसजीएस की रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक भूकंप की तीव्रता 5.7 मापी गई है।

ISLAMABAD: In an important inter-country meeting on cross border transmission on polio eradication, Pakistan and Afghanistan agreed to launch joint vigilance to stop the cross border spread of poli

ISLAMABAD: Global Climate Risk Index-2015 said that five out of top 10 countries most affected by climate change-induced disasters during 1994-2013 are located in Asia Pacific.

At least 52 people have been killed in north-eastern Afghanistan after a huge landslide swept through a village.

Presentation by Dr. Sarath Guttikunda of UrbanEmissions.Info at Anil Agarwal Dialogue 2015: Poor in climate change, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, March 11 – 12, 2015.

London — Almost 30 countries around the world are "highly vulnerable" to an Ebola-style epidemic, with Somalia, Chad, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Haiti most at risk, a major charity said on Tuesday.