The Kashmir valley was hit by a 6.8-magnitude earthquake this afternoon. The quake shook houses and buildings in the region and sent panicked residents rushing out for safety.

Military conflict has been a major challenge in the detection and control of emerging infectious diseases such as malaria. It poses issues associated with enhancing emergence and transmission of infectious diseases by destroying infrastructure and collapsing healthcare systems. The Orakzai agency in Pakistan has witnessed a series of intense violence and destruction. Military conflicts and instability in Afghanistan have resulted in the migration of refugees into the area and possible introduction of many infectious disease epidemics.

Reflecting on the voices of people living in difficult and unjust circumstances, government stakeholders and development practitioners from around the globe, the authors propose that conducting a truly participatory, multi-stakeholder and cross-scalar contextual analysis that considers a wide range of hazards, as well as people’s capacities and

The epicentre of the quake lay about 300 kms from Kabul near Ashkasham in Afghanistan,according to the United States Geological Survey reported.

Climate change-induced changes in snowfall patterns could imperil two billion people who rely on melting snow for their water supply — and developing countries must work to protect citizens from th

MINGORA, PAKISTAN – As the death toll in the massive earthquake that struck the remote Hindu Kush mountains soared above 300, officials on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border warned on Tuesday

The Taliban encouraged aid groups to help victims of the massive earthquake in northern Afghanistan and Pakistan as rescuers struggled to form a clear picture of the damage caused by the disaster a

Whole of Northern India shakes

A major earthquake struck the remote Afghan northeast on Monday, killing more than 200 people in Afghanistan and nearby northern Pakistan, injuring hundreds and sending shock waves as far as New De

A powerful earthquake struck a remote area of northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, shaking the capital Kabul and killing at least 17 people while 36 were killed in neighbouring Pakistan, officials s