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• The embankments of Kamla Balan have been breached on several occasions. In 1963, when the river burst its embankments near Ramghat, it submerged villages such as Kharbar, Gangapur,

The struggle to restore river normalcy gathers momentum in the US with strict sanctions on dam construction

Despite maintaining a frugal lifestyle, people in Bhutan continue

the Bombay high court has ruled that the helipad constructed by Tata Electric Companies ( tec ) at Cuffe Parade

AQMD s new regulations calls for the curb of diesel

An affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by the Indian automaker TELCO suggests a misinterpretation of the WHO s views on air pollution. The motive is easy to guess: to protect the commercial interests of the company, even if it means obfuscating the s

There is growing concern over the pollution caused by festivals like Diwali

The dense foliage around the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is fast disappearing

Babies raised on formula feed are twice as likely to be obese at five-

Foot and mouth disease has broken out in Livingstone and surrounding areas. Humphrey