While rising temperatures and changes in weather conditions is affecting agriculture and is a matter of serious concern, farmers in Himachal Pradesh have converted it into an opportunity. Apple farmers affected by climate change have shifted to crops like kiwi and pomegranate. Farmers who were earlier not able to grow apples are happy growing apples now, in few other districts.

Himachal Pradesh offers ideal condition for horticulture-based economy because of its diversity in topography, altitude, and agro-climate.

To promote Horticulture in Ramban district having congenial agro-climate conditions for fruit cultivation, Director Horticulture, Jammu, J.L Sharma took an emergency meeting of all the officers and employees of the district at Ramban here, today.

The state's Fruit and Vegetable Producers Mahasangh today rejected the procurement price of apple (Rs 5.25) announced by the government in view of the increasing costs of inputs like fertiliser, chemicals, freight and packing material.

In a statement issued here today, convener of the mahasangh Ravinder Chauhan said there was an increase in the prices of fertilisers and freight and hence, the procurement price of Rs 5.25 was not profitable to the growers.

"We urge the government to make available fertilisers and chemicals in sufficient

Jubbal (Shimla): The BJP government chose to celebrate completion of six months in power at Jubbal-Kotkhai today by raising the minimum support price of apple by 50 paise per kg. The BJP had alleged while in opposition that the Congress had overlooked the area during its term. The support price of apple is now Rs 5.25 per kg. Launching a scathing attack on former chief minister Virbhadra Singh for ignoring Jubbal-Kotkhai, Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal today showered development projects on the area, including a modern marketing yard at Kharapatthar and a helipad near Jubbal.

most varieties of apples grown in India are susceptible to apple scab, a fungal disease. The disease is controlled using fungicides but horticulturists are trying to reduce their use and develop

sleepless babies: Newborn dolphins and killer whales don't sleep for a whole month after birth, says a study by a team led by Jerome Siegel of the University of California at Los Angeles, US. The

In India, primarily cattle dung is being used as an organic substrate for the production of biogas, however, majority of biogas digesters are underfed. Thus making it essential to evaluate other available organic sources for biomethanation. Various other animal wastes like poultry droppings, sheep droppings, rabbit droppings etc have been evaluated for biomethanation. Beside this, plant and crop residues have also been subjected to the process of anaerobic digestion under different conditions.

Shelf life of apples increased to eight months

horticulture experts from the us have warned apple growers not to apply harmful compounds to trees that can kill aphid parasites and mite predators. These compounds can damage their produce