Continuous rain and unexpectedly low temperatures in the Valley for the last two months are likely to affect its fruit production this year.

Apple production systems are an important component in the Chinese agricultural sector with 1.99 million ha plantation. The orchards in China could play an important role in the carbon (C) cycle of terrestrial ecosystems and contribute to C sequestration. The carbon sequestration capability in apple orchards was analyzed through identifying a set of potential assessment factors and their weighting factors determined by a field model study and literature.

URUMQI - Forestry scientists have released 800,000 wasps into Asia's largest wild fruit forest this summer, hoping they will kill many of the beetles threatening it.

When Dr N H Ravindranath, a senior scientist from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, addressed Himachal Pradesh’s top bureaucrats and policy makers here a couple of years ago, his warnings

Growers question efficacy of anti-hail guns.

Known as the “apple state” of the country for the past five decades, Himachal has undergone a silent transformation with “vegetables” overtaking the premium fruit as the main cash crop.

Promotion and growth of the pollination enterprise can help improve livelihoods for several mountain farming families by
generating employment and income as well as boosting the production and quality of crop. Managed pollination of apples as practiced in Himachal Pradesh, India is an excellent example of enhancing income and food security of not only apple
farmers but also beekeepers. However, there is a need for scientific research, capacity building of farmers and putting appropriate rules in place to strengthen the system of managed pollination of apples in the state.

Before dawn every day he joins hundreds of wholesale traders at Delhi's Azadpur Mandi, a sprawling, chaotic market where trucks blare Bollywood music, porters haul huge brown sacks of fruit and veg

A cultivable mycorrhiza-like fungus discovered by scientists of Amity University may prove to be a boon for vegetable growers of Himachal Pradesh as it has tremendously increased the crop growth an

Acting on the directives of the Centre, States such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana are ready with their annual plans to boost horticulture production.