the Arunachal Pradesh Water Resources Management Authority Bill, 2006 has been passed by the sixty-member Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly in its October session. However, it has constituted a

From atop the 13,600-ft high windswept crest of a steep, serrated ridge, the Samudra Tapu glacier is a giant blanket of ice and snow, covering the bowl-shaped valley between jagged Himalayan peaks

THE total seasonal rainfall during the year's southwest monsoon (June 1 to September 30) for the country as a whole was 99 per cent of its long-period average (LPA), which, being within plus or minus 10 per cent of the LPA, can be termed as a `normal' monsoon.

on september 22, 2006, the Arunachal Pradesh government signed three mou s with central power undertakings for the development of upto 15,000 mw hydroelectric projects. The projects represent

A new bird species has been discovered in the Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh.

The discovery of the bird, which belongs to the genus Liocichla was reported in the journal Indian Birds (Vol 2, No 4, July-August 2006). Only 14 specimen of the bird, named Bugun liocichla (Liocichla bugunorum), are known to exist.

A full-page advertisement on September 20 announced a ceasefire of sorts between Arunachal Pradesh and the Union government. The state government will sign memoranda of understanding (mou) with big

the Bogibeel road and rail bridge project on the Brahmaputra river in eastern Assam has run into inordinate delays. Conceived to connect National Highway (nh) 37 on the south bank and nh 52 on the

The latest draft on rehabilitation intends to help people, literally

Arunachal turns to private Players for hydel power

Lisus, Namdapha officials talk in Arunachal