Biofuels for good: The emerging biofuels industry in the us could require as much land by 2050 as is currently farmed for food, said a report by a group of 22 international scientists in the October 3 issue of Science magazine. The scientists stated that the biofuels industry, if managed under a sound, science-based policy, could increase domestic energy security and mitigate greenhouse gas

A village of 105 lit up households. But how to make renewable energy sustainable? A 30-km drive from Chhattisgarh

EU sets target for non-food biofuel The European Parliament recently voted to limit the use of food crops as biofuel. It proposed that at least 4 per cent of the total biofuel used in vehicular transport should come from non-food crops, dubbed second generation biofuels. It can also come from biomass, green electricity and hydrogen produced from renewables. Green campaigners have

The world is still trying hard to over come the double crisis of sky rocketing energy prices, as well as the increasing costs and fears of food shortages. Some of the options being proposed and tried out in some countries, by converting food grains into bio fuels is being blamed at least partly for the increasing cost of food.

nuclear energy Private players? Private players may soon be allowed entry into nuclear energy production. Planning Commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia said as much minutes before he went in to deliberate on the draft Integrated Energy Policy with the plan panel. The law will, however, have to be amended to allow the private sector to set up nuclear plants, he added.

When the European Parliament

This report is part of the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP)

This study aims to reveal Sub-Saharan Africa

This report examines the history and status of the biofuel industry in Malaysia, focusing on government support policies.

The Power and Energy Ministry will conduct a workshop, at the Heritance, Kandalama, on bio fuels to impart training on the production of bio fuels.
Power and Energy Ministry sources said that the objective of organizing the training program on the production of bio fuels was to impart training to selected participants from the member States to help them acquire knowledge on the available technology and future prospects on bio fuels.