This study presents the findings of research into the global socio-economic and environmental impact of genetically modified (GM) crops in the eighteen years since they were first commercially planted on a significant area.

Voices and Views: Why Biotech? is a collection of personal essays on individuals from all over the world who have followed the development of biotechnology and are convinced that it has a significant role to play in improving the quality of life.

The document measures the success of biotech cotton by featuring a comprehensive overview of the adoption, impact, progress and future of biotech cotton in the country. It presents a synopsis of the 13 years of adoption and impact of Bt cotton since its first commercial release in 2002.

President Goodluck Jonathan has finally signed the National Biosafety Agency Bill, which is a milestone in the domestication of modern biotechnology in Nigeria, into law.

US agencies, funders such as the Gates Foundation, and agribusiness giant Monsanto are trying to force unwilling African nations to accept expensive and insufficiently tested Genetically Modified (GM) foods and crops, according to a new report released.

(Reuters) - China will continue to promote research into genetically modified crops while maintaining strict controls on safety of the technology, a top agriculture official said on Tuesday, unders

Genomic approaches are revolutionizing the biomedical sciences, providing new ways in which to approach the development of therapeutic practices and the understanding of the causal bases of disease. So, too, do genomics approaches have the potential to transform the way in which ecological studies can be conducted by providing powerful tools in which genotype and phenotype data of diverse “wild” populations can be measured with a never-before-possible level of fine-scale resolution.

New findings could actually improve practices for current biotech crops. Scientists have discovered that multiple toxins in transgenic crops don't help when it comes to pest control.

Lord Krebs claims that organic farming needs more land than conventional methods to produce the same yield

Monday’s ISC session on GM crops didn’t have a single critical paper