Budget 2014-15: Speech of Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, 10/07/2014.


A new study published by Chatham House, 'On Trial: Agricultural biotechnology in Africa' looks at the issues that have prevented modern agricultural biotechnology from achieving its full impact in Africa in transforming people's lives.

KARACHI: Research and commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) crops that included a commendable work of making an indigenous drought-resistant wheat variety has received a major blow with de

A new centre in Nairobi is exploring whether 100 traditional African crops could bring food security to millions of people

The Lahore High Court has ordered the federal government to stop issuing licences for genetically-modified (GM) varieties of cotton or corn until a legal framework is put into place to assess the n

The booklet explains and compares tools of agri-biotech including conventional breeding, tissue culture and micropropagation, molecular breeding and marker-assisted selection, and genetic engineering.

This study presents the findings of research into the global socio-economic and environmental impact of genetically modified (GM) crops in the seventeen years since they were first commercially planted on a significant area.

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As a UN body - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - in its latest report has set an alarm bell ringing for the world to the looming threats of global warming, its chairman R K Pachaur

Melbourne : Scientists from India and Australia have found that a native Australian grass growing in Queensland state could hold the key to ensuring the long-term viability of rice, a crop critical