Close to $6 billion has been pledged to conservation initiatives in ten key forest countries in Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region under REDD+, and that money is being deployed in n

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Implementation of INDCs, 09/08/2016. India, in its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), has committed to reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by 33 to 35 percent by 2030 from 2005 level.

A new study revealed that earlier snowmelts caused by global warming are disrupting the ability of subalpine forest to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide.

This paper focuses on the risks associated with “negative emission” techniques for drawing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and storing it in land-based sinks or underground. It examines what these risks may imply for near-term actions to limit warming to 1.5°C or 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - North American forests will not fight climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide at levels once hoped for because the trees may not grow big enough, a study

Planetary warming may be exacerbated if it accelerates loss of soil carbon to the atmosphere. This carbon-cycle–climate feedback is included in climate projections. Yet, despite ancillary data supporting a positive feedback, there is limited evidence for soil carbon loss under warming. The low confidence engendered in feedback projections is reduced further by the common representation in models of an outdated knowledge of soil carbon turnover.

Although the Amazon Jungle may appear to be perpetually green, a University of Illinois researcher believes there are actually seasonal differences of photosynthesis, with more occurring during the

About the same amount of atmospheric carbon that goes into creating plants on land goes into the bodies of tiny marine plants known as plankton.

The economic value placed on the ecosystem services provided by mangroves is estimated to be US $194,000 (£148,000) per hectare

The fast negative progress of global warming cannot be saved by all tress, as there are those 'unhealthy' ones that contribute damages too.