This guidance note provides an overview of the carbon financing market in the post-2012 context and provides guidance on how to access carbon finance. Also highlights good practices in low-carbon urban development.

Several environmentally ‘unfriendly’ projects in Assam and North East are being touted as sustainable, receiving funds under UN’s Clean Development Mechanism, wreaking havoc to the eco–system and t

The trust for the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism, the operator of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas credit program, had an operating surplus of $82 million in the 18 months through Jun

Leaked report by key government advisory body calls for 40% cuts in carbon emissions by 2030 and 90% by 2050

Solar power generating firms in Madhya Pradesh are on a mission to reduce poisonous carbon dioxide through their ongoing projects.

Japan and the Republic of Maldives have signed an agreement regarding the Joint Crediting Mechanism, a partnership which aims to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

This Climate Action Tracker update shows that current emissions and policies - and future emission trends - are likely to lead to higher 21st century emission levels than previously projected. This, in turn, implies a higher level of warming by 2100.

The Mapping Carbon Pricing Initiatives report maps existing and emerging carbon pricing initiatives around the world. It does not provide a quantitative, transaction-based analysis of the international carbon market since current market conditions invalidate any attempt to undertake such an analysis.

After the vote to prop up the carbon market failed, prices dropped 40% to €2.63 a tonne

European Union politicians rejected a plan to prop up the world’s biggest carbon market on Tuesday, sending it plunging to a new record low and raising questions about its survival. After months of bitter debate, a plenary session of European Parliament in Strasbourg, France rejected by 19 votes a commission proposal to temporarily remove some of the oversupply that has overwhelmed the market for permits to emit carbon dioxide.

New Delhi: South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s composting plant in Okhla has become the first to get carbon credits from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in the country.