If the Uttarakhand government has its way, lakhs of chir pines will be cut down in the name of curbing forest fires that have become rampant of late.

Seeking green bonus to Uttarakhand in lieu of the state’s environment protection measures, environment and social activists in Uttarakhand today staged a fast at Gandhi Park in Dehradun on the occa

Are 471 trees in Bhilaru village, about four km from the heart of Mussoorie on Kempty Road, set to be felled to make way for a stadium?

The President of India Pranab Mukherjee presented the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2013 to noted environmentalist leader of Chipko movement and Gandhian from Uttarakhand, Chandi Prasad Bhatt, at

This paper aims to re-evaluate the Chipko movement (1973-1981), a forest protection movement in the Uttarakhand hill region in northern India, which became widely known throughout the world through its image of local people hugging trees.

This assessment of forest tenure systems in South Asia focuses on current state of tenure...

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Environmentalist Vandana Shiva on Chipko movement

As the world’s largest multi-ethnic democracy, India has a federal constitution that is well-equipped with administrative devices that offer apparent recognition and measures of self-governance to territorially concentrated ethnic groups. This article analyzes how demands for political autonomy—or statehood—within the federal system have been used as a frame for social movement mobilization. It focuses on the most recent states to have been created in India: Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand,
which came into being in 2000.

I am travelling with the Ganga yatra which is a pilgrimage to save the river Ganga. The Ganga is India

Industrial tree plantations for wood, palm oil and rubber are generating an increasing number of confl icts between companies and local populations. Relying on a wide-ranging literature review, this article analyses the alleged impacts of such plantations, the protesters involved, and the modalities of the confl icts.