The way cities are created determines our quality of life and forges our behaviour, our values for centuries. If land is saved for a great park it will provide joy to millions for hundreds of years. If park land is not saved but built upon, there will be much less joy in society. Latin American urbanisation is the most recent the world has seen.

Planning for more and more parking is not likely to help in the long run since the number of vehicles on Delhi's roads is growing dramatically. The city needs a good public transport system at the earliest
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This paper by Prayas Energy Group exposes the hidden subsidies enjoyed by users of cars and two wheelers, thus marginalizing the needier sections. It uses a case study of urban transport in Pune to show that a bus user is much less subsidized than a car or a two-wheeler user.

The objectives of this study were: to raise awareness of the importance of mobility as a driver for economic development in Bangalore; to examine opportunities to narrow the mobility

Looking at making an electric car

To enter into defence equipment production

DAUNTING YEAR: Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata addressing shareholders at the company's annual meeting in Mumbai on Thursday.

MUMBAI: The current fiscal is going to be a difficult year with policy uncertainties, fuel price rise, increasing costs and inflation, Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata said here on Thursday. "It will be a difficult year and a daunting year but it is not necessary that it will be a bad year,' he said, addressing the shareholders at the company's 63rd annual general meeting.

Speed limits on several stretches across the city enhanced Speed limit on Mayur Vihar Link Road on DND flyover goes up from 60 kmph to 80 kmph On parts of Ring Road, speed limit stands enhanced now from 50 kmph to 60 kmph TIME TO CHANGE GEARS: The speed limit on this stretch of the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway here now goes up from 60 km per hour to 80 km per hour. NEW DELHI: Private vehicle owners who until now fretted and fumed over slow-moving traffic on the Capital's wide roads finally have something to cheer about.


Mumbai, June 30 Next on the agenda: only off-street parking In a move to discourage people from bringing private vehicles to the business district, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is all set to increase parking charges after 16 years by four times. Next on the agenda: parking on streets will be banned and off-street parking will soon be introduced.

Parking is an essential component of the transportation system. Parking management can significantly reduce the number of parking spaces required in a particular situation, providing a variety of economic, social and environmental benefits.

If there are many left turns on a road, then a bus lane on the extreme left will hamper other traffic turning left or turning into traffic. It also means that every time the bus has to stop for