bovine spongiform encephalopathy ( bse ) or mad cow disease, which has continued to trouble many European nations, is affecting India as well. Diabetic children are bearing the brunt of the

The threat over mad cow disease resurfaces yet again in Europe

For long, potted plants have been touted as a solution to the sick building syndrome, a range of symptoms that leaves people feeling tired and irri

The flip side of a pest control bug

An unknown tick species may be responsible for a variant of Lyme disease that has not been detected by standard tests so far. Michael Felz and his colleagues at the Medical College in Georgia in

britain has agreed to clearly label its beef exports to other European countries to leave no doubt for consumers over where they originated, an European Commission (ec) spokesperson said

New York city battles with E coli bacteria

the Turkish government has placed the town of Golcuk in quarantine to guard against the spread of diseases following the devastating earthquake in the

During an intense heat wave in July 1995 in Chicago, USA, 726 people died during a four-day period due to heat stress. Heat stress is a condition in which the body is unable to adjust to the external

The creator of Dolly signs a contract to clone humans