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Peculiar symptoms are being noticed in people living in Machenahalli of Ambale village. Without proper information on the ailment which causes such symptoms, people are suspecting that they must be suffering from chikungunya.

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This report provides critical insights on the existing challenges to ensure children across the developing world get timely, affordable and appropriate access to vaccines, while ensuring that the unmet needs of poor children are met by the public and private sector in the coming years.

One out of every 10 people in Goa suffers from kidney disease even as the State is yet to come to some conclusion on the causes of renal failures in Canacona taluka from where comes the highest number of patients many of whom have succumbed to the disease.

The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensible, global, evidence based guidelines to help formulate policies and protocols for the treatment of malaria.

A bill to provide for protection and fulfillment of rights in relation to health and well-being, health equity and justice, including those related to all the underlying departments of health as well as health care and for achieving the goal of health for all and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. This act may be called the Assam Public Health Act, 2010.

Hyderabad, Feb. 14: The novel human influenza A virus, which is currently creating problems in north India, particularly Delhi, may evolve into a

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A year-long campaign, Four Plus, for the prevention and early detection of malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and rat fever, has been initiated by the State Health Department. The campaign, a coordinated effort of various departments, will be an intensive drive against the spread of these four diseases.

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The mystery fever that afflicted hundreds across Tamil Nadu has been reported to be a `mixed fever' -- chikungunya and dengue -- spread

Health dept figures show 1,250 cases of chikungunya, 500 cases of dengue and 600 cases of malaria in the last six months