Seven eminent virologists discuss the implications with Down To Earth

Avian influenza AI is spiralling out of control in Asia. So also is the spin being put to the disease. There was the spectacle of Thailand prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his entire cabinet feasting on a smorgasbord of chicken to ease public conce

64 per cent of Americans are obese. This is costing the nation a pretty weighty penny. According to the study State Level Estimates of Annual Medical Expenditures Attributable to Obesity , published in the latest issue of the journal Obesity Research

No regulations for GM insects

Kicking the soft drink habit is a critical step for achieving lasting health and weight loss. Avoiding soft drinks can literally transform the health and cause to lose weight, reverse symptoms of diabetes, enhance bone density, support healthy brain function and even protect the body's nervous system.

Clearly, a cat's waste is an otter's poison. Southern sea otters in their prime are dying in huge numbers off the California coast in the us due to a mysterious disease that marine biologists think

India is the shining star in the global battle to eradicate smallpox. It is also a branded villain as far as polio is concerned. How is it that we managed so well against a disease more virulent than polio? Why does Uttar Pradesh today contribute to about

From now onwards we have to battle with another mysterious enemy. Since February 2003, a disease similar to influenza has officially killed 48 people and affected hundreds of others across the world, especially in China and Hong Kong. But it was only in

Bird flu in Hong Kong, again

Learning from Lorenzo's oil