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While trying to revamp the environment ministry, he has ruffled more feathers with his non-stop flow of irreverent one-liners than Shashi Tharoor did with his 'holy cows' tweet.

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Ahmedabad: Environmentalists are crying hoarse over extinction of vultures in the state. Experts say the population of the bird across India is 900. In Ahmedabad and nearby areas, it has been rapidly dwindling with less than 40 existing right now. The population stood at 200 just three to four years back.

Indian environmentalism has been an important, even defining, element of a distinctly Southern brand of environmentalism. Largely rooted in local struggles over access to and control over resources, a stylized Southern environmentalism is closely connected to concerns over social justice and driven by subalterns rather rather than professionals?

Residents of Pirna and Nadora in Bardez taluka on Sunday strongly protested against the proposed mining activities in the area.
The meeting of the villagers was convened at Nadora on Sunday, where about 500 villagers strongly opposed the decision of Central Pollution Board to give clean chit to one mining company to start mining activities in the area.

Hostile police tactics at the Kingsnorth and G20 camps has not put protesters off as climate camp goes global.

KOCHI: It was their final attempt to protect the green canopy at Puthiyakavu near Pathalam in Eloor. The Paristhithi Samskarika Kootayma, an environmental movement in the state, approached the Forest Minister and the District Collector and submitted a petition against the decision to axe the trees on Friday. Following this the Collector has temporarily stopped the felling of trees.

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KOCHI: At a time when the government is taking up various initiatives for protection of trees across the state, more than 500 trees are going to be felled soon as part of constructing a centre for unloading and packaging of containers in connection with the Vallarpadom Container Terminal project.

The officials of Social Forestry

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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court

Here is some ''green noise'' for a cause which, if taken cognizance by the Karnataka High Court, may give some breathing space to Bangaloreans.

A coalition of City environmentalists of all hues

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